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Providing crane services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas means working in a competitive, results based market. Unfortunately, in all this competitiveness, quality of service often suffers. We at Skyline Crane have very strong feelings on the subject:

We are incredibly passionate about what we do and are relentlessly driven in our mission to improve our customer’s crane and rigging experience!

Delivering a highly technical service in a fast paced industry, we understand that our customers count on us for our knowledge and experience. With Skyline Crane, being on time, on budget and incident free are non negotiable.

With Skyline Crane, our clients are getting far more than just a piece of equipment. Jobs big or small, from planning stages through completion, we take great pride in our ability to problem solve. At Skyline Crane, we guarantee that “can’t” will never, ever be a part of our vocabulary.

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