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Crane Rental Service

Your Source for Crane Rental Services in Winnipeg

As a construction company, you’re pressured to complete a job on time and budget. You also want to ensure the job is done properly and with attention to safety. Skyline Crane Inc. in Winnipeg provides a reliable crane rental service you can trust to do the job safely. Our diverse fleet of equipment can handle construction jobs of any size. 


A construction site can be one of the more dangerous work environments. A commitment to safety is key in ensuring everyone gets home at the end of the day. As a COR-certified company and a Winnipeg Construction Association and Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) member, you can feel confident in our ability to work safely while on site.

steel erection

Steel Erection

A specialty of ours. Skyline Crane Inc. and our handpicked team of operators take great pride in helping your company get its steel up safer and more efficiently. Lean on our years of experience erecting steel to get the job done.



For that addition you’ve always dreamed of or the new shop where you start your empire – let us help! Whether singles or in sections, we’ve got a crane for that!

crane on perspective

Personnel Hoisting

For those hard-to-reach projects, you can feel at ease with our certified, inspected, and well-maintained personnel hoisting equipment. Following all provincial regulations, we’ll help you get the job done safely in the most important way we know how.

Our Crane Rental Services

Skyline Crane Inc. prides itself on our extensive crane rental services in Winnipeg. With a diverse fleet, including:

  • Hydraulic truck cranes 

  • Rough terrain cranes 

  • Boomtrucks

  • Carry decks 

  • SpyderCranes 

  • Gantrys 

  • Forklifts 

  • And more specialized rigging equipment

spider crane.jpeg

Spider Crane Rental

Skyline Crane Inc. has a solution for tight spaces - spider crane. What is it? It's a compact crane with spider-like legs optimized for confined spaces. The spider crane's uniqueness lies in its compact size, swift setup, and remote control ability. This crane is small enough to fit inside man doors. Skyline Crane Inc. not only provides Spider cranes but also offers comprehensive crane certifications, inspections, and maintenance. Elevate your lifting with a spider crane today!

Why Rent a Crane from Skyline Crane?

At Skyline Crane Inc. we understand that complex construction projects require more than just cranes and heavy machinery. Along with our reliable and efficient fleet, we count on highly experienced and trained professionals who are dedicated to making sure your projects are in good hands and that our services exceed your expectations. Our goal is to make sure you have complete assistance when it comes to crane services and construction projects in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. When you choose Skyline Crane, you get:

  • Diverse fleet

  • Skilled operators

  • Full logistics support

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • 24/7 emergency assistance

  • Expert steel erectors

  • Efficient truss installation

  • Certified personnel hoisting

  • Trusted industry memberships

Crane Rentals for Rooftop Mechanical Hoisting and Hauling in Winnipeg

One of the final parts of a construction project is getting the rooftop mechanical units into their place. As the number one crane supplier for HVAC and rooftop mechanical contractors in Winnipeg, Skyline Crane has accumulated a lot of experience and can do the job efficiently and with the utmost attention to safety.  

Our diverse fleet of trucks allows us to haul and hoist your roof top units with one single piece of equipment – no extra trucks needed!

Equipment Maintenance

At Skyline Crane, we ensure safe and efficient heavy equipment hauling through:

  • Rigorous inspections and proactive maintenance.

  • Regular servicing with high-quality parts.

  • Expert technicians for prompt issue resolution.

  • Preventative measures to avoid unexpected problems.

  • A commitment to safety that minimizes risks and secures your cargo.

maintenance equipment
boom truck in construction

Equipped & Experienced

Put our fleet and years of experience to work for you for your next project.

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