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Boom Truck

Trusted Boom Truck Solutions in Winnipeg

Consider Skyline Crane Inc.'s boom truck rental in Winnipeg for your reliable hauling and hoisting needs. These versatile boom trucks are ideal for compact job sites, offering both hauling and hoisting capabilities within a single unit. Skyline Crane Inc. ensures safety and provides services that fulfill various equipment hoisting needs. Seamlessly combining advanced technology and tailored solutions, our boom trucks in Winnipeg are designed to excel in a dynamic construction site.


Contact us today to explore our boom truck rental options and experience elevated efficiency for your hoisting and hauling projects.


Boom Truck Services

If you're looking for a flexible and cost-effective solution for your short-term projects, our boom trucks in Winnipeg are the answer. Whether you're working on a construction site, setting up event equipment, or undertaking maintenance tasks, our rental boom trucks offer the versatility and convenience you need. With various boom lengths and load capacities available, you can choose the perfect fit for your project. Our rental process is streamlined, ensuring quick access to the necessary equipment without unnecessary delays. Get in touch with us for a quote.

What a Boom Truck in Winnipeg Can Do for You

Boom trucks are a dynamic solution across various industries. In construction, they excel at lifting heavy materials to elevated locations precisely. Telecommunications companies use them to install and maintain equipment on tall structures. The energy sector benefits from its ability to handle equipment and materials for maintenance and installations. Their compact size and versatile features make them indispensable in urban environments where space is limited. From building maintenance to emergency services, boom trucks offer unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

No matter the task or industry, our boom truck services in Winnipeg have the equipment and expertise to meet your lifting and hauling demands. With a commitment to safety, reliability, and innovation, we are your trusted partner in achieving seamless and successful project outcomes. Contact us.

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Why Choose Us?

We offer 40- and 30-ton telescoping boom trucks that can travel at highway speeds and even transport materials on the decks – haul and hoist your equipment with one truck. They are extremely quick to set up, with a maximum vertical reach of 205’.

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Compact & Convenient

Our boom trucks are all you need for your site’s hoisting and hauling needs.

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