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Crane Safety: Best Practices for Safe Operations

Safe Operations

The construction industry accounts for approximately 7.5% of Canada's gross domestic product (GDP). Since so many projects involve heavy machinery like cranes, prioritizing accident prevention and worker safety is crucial. We've put together a brief guide for safe crane operations. Let's explore what you should know.

Choose Qualified Personnel

Having the right crew is crucial when it comes to operating cranes safely. In Canada, the Red Seal Mobile Crane Certification is the highest standard for crane operators. Inexperienced personnel is a huge liability. Not only could they damage the job site and equipment, but they can also injure themselves or others. Working with the wrong personnel could impact the results you get. Your project might also fall short of Canada's workplace safety standards . Choose the operators who have experience and are certified.

Use the Right Crane

One of the most common mistakes people make is choosing a crane with insufficient lift capacity. When a crane cannot handle the planned load, it can lead to accidents, injuries, or even damages to the construction site. Choosing the right crane is essential when it comes to maximizing safety and getting the best results.

Rig the Load Correctly

Even if you choose the right crane, problems can still arise if you don't rig the load correctly. Always check the weight of the load before starting your project.

The load should be properly secured. Double-check the hook's safety catches before moving forward. You should also position the hook directly above the load's center of gravity to avoid having the load drift.

Properly Plan the Job Site For Crane Usage

Prepare the job site to accommodate crane usage. Not only should it be easy to operate the crane, but you shouldn't have issues navigating the site. Before starting the project, conduct a pre-site inspection to identify areas of concern, including site ground conditions to help choose the right kind of crane. Ensure everyone has the appropriate protective gear. Doing your due diligence goes a long way when it comes to keeping your job site safe.

Prioritize Safety For Crane Operation in Winnipeg

While cranes are highly useful, they come with major risks. As long as you remain vigilant when it comes to safety for crane operation, you can avoid issues you may have otherwise encountered.

Skyline Crane Inc. has been providing safe crane services and crane rental services for many years in Winnipeg. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible results to our clients. We are passionate about our projects and constantly strive to improve the customer experience. Handling your project quickly and safely while remaining under your budget is our primary goal. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, there's no project we can't handle.

Give us a call today at Skyline Crane. Our professional team is ready to help you meet your hoisting needs.


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