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Our Partnership with Avetta


At Skyline Crane, we’re passionate about delivering the best crane and rigging experience to our clients.

We’re also passionate about job site safety.

In our efforts to pair these two things together, we’ve partnered with Avetta to simplify the pre-qualification process. That means that when we say we focus on safety and getting work done on time and on budget, you don’t just have to take our word for it – you can use Avetta to check our qualifications.

What is Avetta? 

Avetta is software-as-a-service (SaaS) designed to streamline the supplier qualification process. The goal of Avetta is to reduce the amount of work that contractors need to put in to vet subcontractors.

There’s all kinds of information you need when vetting potential subcontractors – licence and certification checks, statistics about workplace incidents, completed projects, and other pieces of data that can help you assess whether or not a subcontractor meets your compliance standards.

By registering with Avetta, we’ve streamlined this process for you – it’s easy for you to check whether or not we meet your compliance standards. It’s also easy for us to find any potential gaps in our own practices and improve our methods – all with the goal of providing the best crane and rigging service you’ll ever use.

How Avetta Helps You 

As a contractor, you know how important it is to work with other trusted contractors. We’ve all heard the horror stories of businesses getting burned by subcontractors who weren’t up to the task, or worse yet, were negligent to the point of risking life and limb.

In light of that, there’s no doubt that you already have a rigorous compliance process in place. The main goal of Avetta is to take most of the burden of compliance off of your shoulders. More often than not, several departments have to do their own compliance checks, and their reporting ends up scattered. It can be hard to get a bird’s eye view of how well a subcontractor suits your needs.

Avetta amalgamates all of this information for you – compliance reporting, questionnaires, reviews, the works. You can see at a glance which subcontractors best suit your needs.

Why We’ve Partnered with Avetta 

At the risk of this all sounding like an advertisement for Avetta: we’ve partnered with them because we are serious about safety. We believe it will make it easier for the best contractors to find each other. We also believe it will improve our own safety and compliance – we’re always striving to better ourselves and no measure is too great if it helps ensure the safety of the crew on a jobsite. We provide crane rentals in Winnipeg. We do our work on time, on budget, and without incident – and we believe Avetta will help us continue that trend.

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